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This is a traditional huipil blouse of this area and particularly nicely done. Usually the women do their best work for themselves (to show their skills) but they also sell them The yokes and sleeve-capes are embroidered on rectangle pieces of cloth and then cut out and over-stitched onto a simple manta/cotton rectangular blouse/huipil.
The best quality of traditional textiles are offered on Arte Rojo Stl/Facebbok.

Huichol Art dates back millenia. During spiritual rituals the shaman (know as marakame) have visions which are then transcribed into carvings, yarn art, bead art, pottery etc. Each image has spiritual meaning. The huichol tribe uses many simbols as representations of their deities and other things they deem sacred in their culture. Most common ones are the peyote, the deer and the snake.

Amazing colorful handmade Mexican top blouses, with huge flowers! Made in  Mexico.  Sleeves are short, v-neck, fresh cotton-blend fabric, colorful embroidery.

Increíbles blusas mexicanas hechas a mano, ¡con enormes flores! Hecho en México. Las mangas son cortas, con cuello en V, tejido de mezcla de algodón fresco, bordados coloridos.

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 Arte Rojo STL is dedicated to celebrate the Magic of Mexico. 


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