We are a Latin Folk-Art Boutique dedicated to preserving the artisan culture of Latin through ethical trading of handmade items made by Latin artisans. Specializing in hand-picked, hand-made curated Mexican Folk-Art, ARTE ROJO, and Ms. Leticia Seitz can be found at 5208 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, MO, reached by calling 314.257.9002


About us.

We are an artistic movement and a community looking for means of artistic expression that make us shine, to spread the purpose that drives us and share with the world  the pride of the Latin American culture that we transpire.

For us, Latin American culture is the set of values that reflect the way we are, the way we feel and the way we act; values engraved in our history, one of tradition and tenacity. It is our will to act with passion and seek our truth; one in which people are not just a number, but unique through decision and conviction.


At Arte_Rojo, our mission is to strengthen and revitalize cultural traditions by creating a sustainable and popular market for their crafts. Our goal is for artisans to achieve financial independence.


Self-Sustainable History

Arte Rojo is born from Mexico’s Latin American origins, from urban art and the pre-Hispanic tradition in whose formation a path was drawn with faint lines. In time, these lines would strengthen and serve as a sketch for what our project would become; these lines are the origin of a deep history, with roots that are a vibrant color red, the color of clay in the blazing process of transformation. The color boiling chocolate as it is being prepared. The red hot hue that exists between the raw material and the finished work of art.


We believe

We firmly believe in speaking with our hands, through art, to expose our Latin American pride, with respect for ourselves and for the society we live in, contributing to collective history.


Many thoughts

I exist, because I resist...
Our Origin dates back to Mexico City in the 1960s, where Leti, daughter of María Guadalupe Merino Zapote and Guadalupe González Palomino, was born as the first vestige of what is now the Arte Rojo movement.


Our Origin dates back to Mexico City in the 1960s, where Leti, daughter of María Guadalupe Merino Zapote and Guadalupe González Palomino, was born as the first vestige of what is now the Arte Rojo movement.

Don Guadalupe fostered an interest in pre-Hispanic cultures in Leticia from an early age. Cultures that, through time, have given Latinos a sense of identity. The way to do it was by bringing her close to the Museum of Anthropology and History of Mexico City. For her part, Doña María Guadalupe encouraged her to be in contact with handcrafts such as migajón dolls, or artistic migajón, also known as cold porcelain.

With these strong artistic influences, it was conceived since then the idea of ​​what is now Arte Rojo, a movement where, over time, it was learned from all the textile, pictorial and jewelry expressions that reflected a story told through the clothing of those who wore a garment with a story to tell, with a root, a language and a feeling to convey.


Our proposal was officially born in 2013 in St. Louis, where we opened a space to give a voice to Latin American culture through art you can wear; the rest is history. We seek to tell from our name that color red (rojo) represents our passion, the transformation process of clay as a raw material, born from the earth, can, with time and a proper traditional technique turn from a utensil to eat, to an expression of people's lives, their dreams and their feelings.

Our latino influences seek the convergence of all Latin American countries that share the pre-Hispanic, cultural and linguistic origins that characterize us as a cheerful people, with a unique way to feel, to interact with color, to think, to represent things and the artistic compositions we tell our history with.

Our values:

  • Human expression


  • Inclusion

Contextual depth

  • Passion

2019- 2020

This is the year we are reborn and return to our original values, opening up a space like no other. A gallery, boutique and showcase that aims to speak about Latinos abroad, with our participation in a Fashion Show and our new store opening its doors in March 2019.

Our family is all the people who have traveled from their countries of origin in Latin America, who will always seek to strengthen ties and whose voice will seek to express the feel of what we live.

Welcome to our space.

Arte Rojo

M. Leticia Seitz