"Dress Embellishment" Huipil Blouse

"Dress Embellishment" Huipil Blouse


Satin Huipil

Satin machine embroidered Huipil. Each of these authentic blouses is a recycled garment originally worn in one of the celebrations called “VELAS” in the Tehuantepec and Juchitan regions on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca. The city of Tehuantepec continues to be the centre of Zapotec culture in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Frida Kahlo was known for wearing Tehuanas “Trajes” and “Huipiles” from this region.

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    Each “traje” is comprised of a blouse and skirt and it takes an artisan about a year to embroider by hand. There are very few of these hand embroidered garments being made today. These blouses are embroidered as a large rectangle with the cut out for the head / neck and folded in half with the sides stitched up leaving an opening for the arms. They are easy to carry if you are going to wear them, or they can be unfolded and used as wall hangings, pillow covers or anything else that comes to mind!