"Loom's Elegance" Shawl

"Loom's Elegance" Shawl


Rayon Shawl

Like the threads on a loom, people's paths cross creating beautiful coincidences. From the looms and the patience with which they work, this beautiful piece emerges that tells us the secrets within its patterns.

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    In Santa María, one of the few places in the country where they continue weaving on a backstrap loom, the pre-Hispanic way, making rebozos (shawls) was a family tradition; first the whole process had to be learned and then everyone could specialize in what they liked the most. Currently, with the exception of “rapacejo” –the fabric that precedes the ends–, which is hand-made by specialists, called “empuntadoras” each craftsman makes the rebozo from start to finish. The characteristics of the place are the so-called "de bolita" and "de barbilla”", which were previously commissioned; the open pinto, which has blue, white, black and brown; and the pigeon, which is black and white. Although Santa María del Río preserves much of its traditions, the names of the rebozos have been lost and instead have been replaced by numbers. The seven different designs are included in old drawings: 1 corresponds to “de bolita”; 2 to “caramelo”- so called because it has seven different colors -; 3, that of “s” shaped frets; 4, open pinto; 5 with swords or arrows; 6, little “found birds”; and the 10th has a wide fret.