Mexican Silk Flower

Mexican Silk Flower


Silk Embroidered Short Dresses

A dress portraying Mexican tradition at its best, transcending history through time and adapting to today's trends, without leaving behind its gorgeous Latino origins.

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    Short robe dress, with multicolored floral embroidery. Carefully sewn by our artisan women from Chiapas using multi color poplin. Handcrafted that, even though the same embroidery pattern was used for every piece, colors of the flowers may vary from one garment to another. No pockets, buttons or zippers. Material: poplin. Unisize: 53cm width by 90cm length. Main color: multiple colors. Machine-coloured embroidery. Color availability is limited. Please request a photo of the colors we have in stock before making the purchase. We take orders; it takes approximately 1 month to prepare packs of 50 to 100 pieces. Contact us!