Quetzalcoatl Shawl

Quetzalcoatl Shawl


Feathered Shawl

A garment that highlights elegance the figure of Latin American women. Created to stylize the seductive shape of women...

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    Rebozos (shawls) are a Mexican National Emblem. Its history is a mixture of cultures that date back to pre-Columbian times. In everyday life they are used to carry babies, agricultural products, firewood, as protection against the cold, sun and rain. Fine feathers shawls are made in high mountains by the indigenous Purépechas (Tarascos). This has to be one of the most unique, treasured and demanding art forms. A shawl can take months to complete. This is work done at home and only after years of practice. The rebozo has been done in a similar way since pre-Hispanic times. For many families, having a shawl like this is the dream of a lifetime.